Sunday, April 1, 2012

Collections Xaragua at Women In Production 2011

In June 2012, Collections Xaragua participated in the popular fair "Women in Production" which was held for the first time outside of the Haitian territory, in the "Miami Convention Center" located in downtown Miami.

The fair attracted an estimated 3000 visitors. Collections Xaragua was a hit! At the end of the fair, we were out of stock! The customers’ feedbacks about the style, quality and originality were positive. The customers were all also receptive to the price range, which fully met their expectations.Since then, there has been growing demand for Collections Xaragua‘s handbags.

                                          Collections Xaragua's booth

                                         The designer helping clients.

                                          The designer helping clients
                  The designer informing a client about the origins of materials.

                                                    A happy client!

                                          Another happy client!

                                  Miss Haiti International, AnĂ©die Azael,
                                  visiting Collections Xaragua's booth.

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